Anderson 3/29

The bite has been hit or miss at Anderson. Got off work a little early on Friday and made my way down there to try to grind out a few with the dying light. Parked at the woodchopper. Between two rods we had wacky rig senkos, dropshot roboworms, and a texas brushhog in the arsenal. We were casting and walking and found a nice little bed that held fish. Got 5 bites between two rods within 45 minutes and landed two fish. Both were roughly 1-2lbs. It's been tough, but once you find the fish, they are definitely biting.

I just wished they planted trout in here so these 1-2 pounders become 3-4 pounders
went out there today , parked up on the damn and hike around about 1/2 mile to the left. got alot of bites and caught 4 within the first hour there. used drop shot