Anderson 4/12

Made the trip to Anderson with my buddy. Had a great morning. Fishing was on fire. Guy next to us was killing it as well. Ended the session with over 15 for the both of us. Nicest ones were around 4-5 pounds.
Nice where were u fishin at bud i was near woodchoppers picnic area
Mostly by the bridge. then we parked a bit north of woodchoppers and landed some smaller ones. Action heated up once the sun came over the hills.
Great bass for Anderson!!! Nice job!! I was there Friday evening and got skunked. :(
They were definitely some Anderson monsters. A nice change from all the dinks.
Damnit i knew i should have stuck with the spot i knew under the bridge all good oh well next time
There is only a couple of spots at Anderson that are good shore fishing. I never get let down when I fish by the bridge
Nice fishing! Do you find them in post-spawn yet ? Do they still have big belly?
I think they may be done spawning cause they are hammering the shad
They'll spawn all the way through June, sometimes July, depending on the conditions.
those are some nice bass . Anderson is getting better with bigger fish .
The shad is an issue of water temp . Threadfin shad start the annual spawning process when the water gets around 70 . They move up and "run" the banks for the first few hours in the morning , then pull back to deeper water during the rest of the daylight hours .
Usually ---at Anderson , the bass spawn is mostly done by the time the shad are starting .
Once the bass spawn is complete , the next month can be really tough , especially from shore . If you miss when the shad are running , you miss the majority of the "feeding" the bass do when they follow them up early AM .Anderson can have some epic shad runs - and the bass can go crazy.
Learning the habits of shad and crayfish in the local lakes can significantly increase your bass success---all year.
tight lines ,
I've been fishing Anderson in the mornings and haven't seen any shad yet, though I have seen an occasional bass fry school here and there. Still a little early I think!
Well blackshirt on know on the bank i was on saturday there were tons of shad runnin up and down the back started at 615 and continued till i left at 10