Anderson 4/2

Was out at Anderson today....Im not participating but there was alotta guys getting ready for that tournament I see. As for the bite, it was good. Got 4 in the boat. All 1 pounders tho and I lost one that looked and tugged like he coulda been 3 lbs.. but thats how it goes sometimes. I thought this fish was the best one i caught.
choco milk! haha good fish bro, stay on um
I was out there as well fishing the 12 fish on a variety of baits. The fish were really tight to the bank but everyone seemed to be fishing kind of deep. 3 inch white senkos were the best producer for me.
Does anyone know if Anderson is closed on Friday or just not open to tournament participants?
Anderson is open to the public but tourney guys are restricted after tuesday
you sure about that kingpin i believe thursdays the last day for tourney guys? was out there sunday me n my partner did pretty good. cant wait til this weekend. :)
yea I am sure, because boats aren't allowed on Anderson on Wednesdays or Thursdays until April 14. Did good out there eh? Hope that pattern holds on for a week...things will be much different than last Sunday...I was out there sunday also and had a solid day. Went out today and those fish and baits were not working where i got em two days ago. Had to adjust to get bit and did. Good luck out there!
it might rain friday so we'll see what happens. thx and good luck also... [0-]