Anderson fishing 10--08-09

First time logging in to SJ Bass . Great site , seems like some good guys. Been fishing for bass in the area for over 30 years.Mostly Anderson , Calero , Coyote others.
Thought I would add some info for the upcoming Coyote Bait and Tackle tourney(I am not in the tourney).Anderson was good today . 18 fish for four hours (from 2:00pm to 6:00pm).The really active fish were shallow and picking up Robo's in 7-10ft. (Prizm Kraw color on a C-Rig).Deep and rocky points were not as good as usual.Picked up my biggest bass ever at Anderson. 24" long and 14.5" around the belly (about 8lbs) . As I was fightin this fish , a fish of almost identical size was side -by-side chasin the one I had hooked, awesome sight.
The rest of todays catch was typical for Anderson , 12-14 inches .
Last week was very similar , 19 total , but no big fish .
Had the Lake to myself today , I think there was only a total of 5 or 6 boats .
Good luck and tight lines,
1Old man
Thanks for the Anderson post. I havent been out there in awhile. Good to know the bite is still on. Welcome to SJ BASS!
Welcome to SJB and thanks for sharing. I don't fish Anderson much but it's really encouraging to hear about and see pics of those occasional big bass on the site. Got to love this quiet time of year when the bass start their fall gorge. lol

Reminder, starting 10/15 Anderson & Calero will be the only games in town until spring see below.

Boating in Santa Clara County Reservoirs

Summer is behind us and our off-season boating program will soon commence!

Stevens Creek Reservoir and Coyote Lake will begin their seasonal closures, due to the quagga/zebra mussel program, on October 15th 2009.

Calero and Anderson Reservoirs will remain open on a 5-day operational schedule, due to the quagga/zebra mussel program, beginning October 15th 2009.

Calero Reservoir will be closed on Monday and Tuesday of each week and Anderson Reservoir will close for use on Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week.

All four reservoirs will begin a 7-day a week operation on April 14th 2010.

Vessel inspections continue so please be diligent in making your vessel - boat, kayak, personal watercraft etc. clean and dry. Not a spot of water can be seen or felt - even water from your beverage coolers. Please remember that only TWO county reservoirs are open for boating in the off-season (October-April). Those reservoirs include Anderson and Calero. All other reservoirs and bodies of water are closed indefinitely to boating (including model boats) - those are Almaden, Chesbro, Sandy Wool, Cottonwood, Grant, Guadalupe, Lexington, Uvas, Vasona and the percolation ponds at Los Gatos Creek County Park.
nice post and huge fish. a lot of good info
hey peeps. do you guys go to fisherman's warehouse? if you dont, then i highly reccomend it. its also right next to the perc. ponds
srry but u should put that on the open forum
Welcome to the forums 1old man. I'm sure we all can learn from your experience. Also thanks Bassnflip for post on the lakes. Does this also apply to shore fishing for the days of closure etc. ?
SJB ROCKS!! This is a great local lakes website, thanks Marce. I've met some cool people and learned a lot from the SJB guys. I am still amazed at the huge fish you guys pull on swim baits (Jr., Jerbs, et al). Had fun playing the "Death Match" battle of the baits this year too. Compliments on the screen name 1Oldman from another old man. lol

Yes, shore fishing will still be allowed at Coyote and Stevens Creek during the boat closure period so get out there and get you some. Also please keep our SJB brother Jim Jr. in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Hopefully he'll be back on the water to get his XMAS fish this year.

Live to fish and fish to live 8-)
Thanks Bassnflip and all others on Jim Jr. concern .......he is in today for his 2nd treatmeant 1st one went well .......thanks again everyone..........Welcome aboard 1oldman to another.... [green]
ive never fished anderson but i want to go there sometime.
JIM SR , thanks . the name 1Old man came from my kids . Good luck with your sons surgery and recovery. Health is most important for all of us .
Went out to Anderson again on friday . No big fish this time but the bite was really good . 24 fish in about 4 hrs .The typical pattern of rocky points and deep structure DIDN'T work at all !!!! Almost all the fish I pulled out were spitting up shad as I was bringing them in . No reaction bite and no D-Shot bite . All on C_rigged Robo's .
Good luck guys ,
Catch and release always,
1Old man
wow. anderson sounds better than i thought
I've been there about 6 times now all resulting in skunkssss.

I've fished off the bank by the dunne bridge. And out of a raft(I don't really know where to fish off the raft though). And I've always been skunked. I used green brushhog and a orange spinner bait. What's the deal guys?
anderson is easily the best lake in santa clara county.