Anderson Jan 24th

First time out for the new year.

Hooked up with Jerbs and Straps at about 1:00 with the P19. Dragged a drop shot for two dinks and a jig for another dink. Primary points in 20-30 ft of water.

Weather was great, no wind and a low pressure cloudy winter day.

First fish of the year was a mighty lil' dinker. He was such a fighter. So much soul was in his glow. Thanks Jerbs for taking me out. Also, I cannot wait until you lose a fish in front of me. Payback is a b*tch retard.
I don't lose fish. [green]

Fun times.
Hmm, I have made it a goal to get you losing a fish on film and add it to the video section.
haha...that would be awesome. I do lose fish, just don't like to admit it. [green]
Nice work fellas, let's get ready to hammer the delta soon!
Speaking of delta, I just heard form a worthy source that the bite is turning on over there. I'll be there on Saturday.