Anderson Lake

Went out to Anderson on the past Sunday from 8 to 1. Me and buddy caught total 20+ fish on brush hog and drop shot. Tried everything else like crank, rip bait, crank, and etc no taker. Wondering if anyone has idea how to fish the reaction bite on this lake? How to catch a bigger fish. Any info will be appreciated. All fish caught was around 1.5lb to 2lb. Lots boat out there on sunday as well.
Try a Shaky head with an Reaction Innovation worm (Spanish Fly color) works very well.
I always use this at Anderson. Brush hog always works aswell.
Big fish are very hard to come by on the big A. I've caught a few over 5 in the past but haven't been able to find any bigger fish this year.
Thanks for the Info. Hey Jerb, I think I saw you once at Calero you were on the red skeeter right? Talked to your for abit don't know if you remember. I was on the red/black Triton.
yeah....that was me. Both lakes have been pretty weird this year. maybe it's just me. lol