Anderson Report - 03/28

Since I don't have a boat or know anyone with a boat I decided to give scott from a call. I hooked up with scott at anderson and got on the water by about 9:00. We fished main lake points,secondary points and a few swallow water coves by secondary points where the wind was headed.

We started by going north and we hit a main lake point. We fished it for about 30 minutes and I was able to hit 2 fish. We then move south to a bank which scott said had some underwater cover. We fished that bank and scott hit 1 fish. So far our day was going pretty good. We moved further south and hit a swallow water cove and that's when things really picked up. Scott hit 4 fish and i hit 3 fish in this cove. We then moved to a main lake point and I hit 1 fish. We moved to the secondary points off the main lake point and things got hot again. I hit 3 fish and scott hit 3 fish. We made our last move to a deep water cove and and I hit another 2 fish.

We both missed more than a few bites but were glad with what we were able to pull to the boat. Most of the fish were spotted bass and they range from about 1 pound to the bigger ones being about 2 pounds. We didn't catch any monsters but I had a good time pulling in the numbers.

I didn't have a camera but Scott took a picture of 2 of the first fish I caught and I have posted it here.

All in all is was a great first time on lake anderson!!!

all fish caught on plastics texas rigged -

line - 14lbs berkley vanish floro with a 8 pound floro leader

baits - green pumpkin sweet beaver, berkley finesse worms in pumpkin & chartruese

Nice post good to see you got into some fish.
Sounds like the fishing is pick up out there. I might try to get out therre this weekend. Not sure yet.
so how much did the trip cost you, if ya dont mind me asking....
Might have to look into it....
he charges 20 bucks an hour for 1 person and 25 bucks an hour for 2-3 people. If you decide to use him let me know i would probably be down to split the cost with you as long as i had clearance to go that day

he does calero, coyote, and anderson.....maybe do coyote when it opens in april???? }:(
mvergara79 wrote:
Most of the fish were spotted bass
Are their really spots in Anderson? (8-| You learn something new everyday.
bassnflip wrote:
mvergara79 wrote:
Most of the fish were spotted bass
Are their really spots in Anderson? (8-| You learn something new everyday.

You will get mixed answers about this one. A lot of people think there are spots in there, but a lot of people think they are all large mouth. The ones that think they are spots are because of the size of the fish in anderson and also the color variation and the different eye colors. I have never really paid close attention to the fish I ahve caught out there to determine if they where spots or not. I had some say they had spots in there, but I have been told that is not true. Maybe next time I catch a few there I'll do some research and see what I can come up with. Allthough myself it is still hard for me to determine the difference, but I know of a few ways to check. It is much harder with smaller fish. I caught one at Pardee in a touney and the guy i was fishing with thought it was a spot also. Eye color, fish color and size was typical for a spot. Looked for a few differnt things, jaw line, hard to tell, checked the toungue, also hard to tell. But there isn't suppose to be spots in Pardee. Allthough many people think the smallies in there are a cross breed between a sopt and a smallie. Who knows. I just like to catch any bass.
Yes any bass is a good bass! 8-)
There are no spots in Anderson. They are largemouths.
dont really matter as long as I have a tight line!! 8-)
There are no spots in there 99.999999999% sure.
Did scott say they were spots MV?
money well spent! good review man. thanks.
Scott did specifically say some of the ones we caught were spots.

I person don't care what kind of bass they are as long as they are on the end of my line.