anderson report 2/14

went out today around 11 am it was warm out. I was throwing jigs,brushhogs, crankbaits. No luck seen alot of carp but no bass. Anyone else have luck.
Not surprised. Anderson is weird right now but the bite has been pretty damn good at some other lakes. Jigs, rips, cranks, and swimbaits have all been producing for me. Been seeing a lot of big bass cruising around shallow. Prespawn...
fished anderson last sat, the 11th. tough. all day 2 fish. then again , i might not know what im doing. windy/rain, then cleared up.

i think the weather was warm for the last month, but now we are getting some big cold streaks, with a high of 60 everyday so i think this is going to throw off the pattern.
fish might move back out of this pre-spawn thing and back deeper?
what was the water temp? I will tell you if its low to mid 50's i wouldnt consider the prespawn. Upper 50's would be a nice sign. I don't think we are even close to prespawn yet Ryan. I would easily tell you that in my experience.

I believe there are three types of bass. Classified as this...
Catergory 1- Bass that live and dwell shallow their whole lives
Category 2 - Bass that move up to spawn and continue to dwell deep their whole lives
Category 3 - Bass that move up and down for example, they live deep in the winter as lakes turnover, and move up shallower for spring/summer/early fall

Right now it is Cold. Anderson is typically warmer than our other lakes given its a larger body of water and its harder to warm up and cool down. However if it still in the cooler 50 degree. The concentration of fish will be majority Category 2 and Category 3. Keep in mind, some of the fish are up shallow and very active, they are affected more by cold fronts more though.

During actual prespawn, i believe that all three categories will move up to get ready to make more lil anderson babies.

What I am getting at, is that if you are having a tough time, go deep on points and secondaries. Look for structure. Rocks...awesome, big boulders...even better.

If the weather has been nice, you can get em up shallow. Now I don't know if you are on a boat or shore. But to fish succesfully shallow when fishing from the shore, cast out at 30-45 degree angles to increase staying in the shallow strike zone.

I have to get back to class so I can't fully go into detail about this.

If you have questions PM me.

You can also find more info about this if you google Brent Ehrler, he wrote something similar to this When I read his article, it confirmed my thoughts regarding transitional changes and why I catch fish where I do.