Anderson report Saturday 3/16

Awesome day at Anderson. Fished from 11:30 to 3:00 pm. Caught 7 fish up to 3lbs, and missed 4 other fish. Found a little pattern as I walked the bank. Caught em on a drop shot around the grass beds, and then when I could find some hard bottom near the grass I would catch them on the squarebill crank. A lot of the fish were in the gaps between the grass beds. Before I left I caught one more decent one in a jig off a long shallow point. Definitely some fun fishing. Saw 3 schools of fish cruising with some big ones mixed in the schools. I also didn't see one other person fishing and I walked the middle of the lake for hours :)

Good luck!
That's bad ass its a shame they'll want to drain that Lake!
anderson is a numbers lake but she will give up a big one some times