anderson report

went fishing from shore for a couple hours. caught 11. bite was on fire. caught several decent size fish up to 3 pounds.
Nice. What did you catch them on?
Way to go! Congrats. Success in numbers is good in my books. All of those fish were probably chunky too.
Went out there today for a few hours. My brother caught one on a d-shot, It weighed 1 1/2lbs. We also threw jerks baits and spinner baits, nothing on those.
went to anderson today with a friend. fished from shore landed 9 total missed a few also. best action was around 3pm. lol
Question for you guys that fish lakes. Do you guys actually keep the fish and eat them or is it strictly catch and release?

I'm new to lake fishing so not sure if it's safe to keep the fish. All I've been fishing is from the Delta and I do keep and eat the legal sized fish so was just wondering about the lake fish.

Bass tend to absorb toxins (Mercury) in their flesh, its probably safe to eat once every week or two (the DFG rules and regs booklet has more info on this). Larger bass tend to have a worse taste (in my opinion) than smaller bass. It's also good courtesy to release them when they are in prespawn/spawning mode. After all, most lakes are never stocked with bass, they reproduce and "restock" themselves. I'd hate to see a pregnant 10 lb female on the dinner table, what a waste of good genetics. This is all just my opinion though, I know many people who love to eat bass.
Im pretty sure that all of the lakes and reservoirs in this area have highest mercury content inthe state, maybe even in the nation. It is not recommended to eat the fish and there are signs henerally posted up stating so at all of the lakes, so eat at your own risk.
Thanks for the heads up guys! OP, sorry if I kind of train wrecked your post :P