Anderson res.

Failed to land a steelhead by chopper bridge, he got off right at shore an flopped back into the water. Missed a small bass at the dam. LAnded two. A 2# and change, and a 4.25#.
where are there steelhead?
It was that or a huge rainbow.
Too bad about that Salmonid. Would have liked to see a pic of that. I love surprise catches. Estimated length? What'd it hit?
Nice bass too!
nice bass , they moving shallow ?
3 years ago , in the fall fishing from my boat , I hooked up a rainbow (or steelhead ?) on a C-Rig , smashed it as I was pulling the rig out of the water , I typically always take a good look a my C-rig just before I pull it out of the water to make sure the worm wasn't "twisting " and wham .
It went almost 4lbs and was probably one of the best looking rainbows I have ever seen .
It has to be a wash down from Coyote creek , they haven't stocked Anderson with trout since the late seventies.
That has to be a solid fishery to produce that size and health of a trout.
tight lines ,
Way to go dave pm me what u get em on
Hey dave gotta start a 2014 weight count lol. Ima do it this year cause u inspired me.
the beard is back!
nice fish
Good to see your alive and well FSD, thanks for the post.
Nice fish dave. thats a kicker fish for anderson!!!! I caught this guy from Anderson about 3 yrs ago on a chatterbait on the main lake. Hit it right at the boat. I thought it was a rainbow but I'm not no expert. That same day another one hit right at the boat but didnt eat it completely. That was 100 yards pass the bridge.
I know that the trout travel up the run way at Ando but didn't think they were still around. Good to hear.
That's a solid bass from Anderson! Nice work. And way cool info about the trout. There is a self-sustaining population in the lake. Probably not remnants from the steelhead that lived there pre-dam though...they're mutts from decades of dfg planting (both in the lake until the 90s then also fish that were planted in Coyote). Steelhead still ascend Coyote creek from the south bay to spawn, but they can't get over Anderson dam. So they aren't really steelhead but they're native rainbows which is pretty damn cool. I have bushwacked the river between the Coyote & Anderson a half-dozen times and almost always found trout, along with many bass & squawfish. We also saw a few rainbows trying to spawn in Pacheco creek once. It kinda makes me want to troll a castmaster through the lake and see if I could find a few trout. Kinda.... Hahaha
Sorry for the threadjack--thanks for the report Dave!
Ya there are probably some monster trout there. If you do catch one, definitely release it
Solid fish!
Just so you guys know I got my self a nice steel head trout at Anderson this past friday by the dam on a small crank bait he was a fighter and wieghed about 4-6 lbs easy., wasn't even going for it. I was going for LMB what was cool is saw him slam my bait really fast love my glasses was a nice show I'll try and transfer the vid on here later