Anderson team tournament April 11th!!

Starting to fill up.. come in and sign up!
Who's doin' it.... 8-)

I'm pretty sure I'm in.
Hmmm.... I just may have to do this one.

I made this a Sticky so it stays on top of the forum.

I am planning on doing it also. I am not going to sign up till the last night though.
I am not sure yet. Was thinking about it, but i can only seem to find 2lbrs sometimes. I think the winning weight will be around 15lbs and I can never seem to find a good kicker there. I think my best bag ever from there is about 12lbs-13lbs and that had a 5lbr. Who knows I may be there.
i will be donating entry fees!
I put a call in to BRADRC51, to see if he wants to sign up for this with me. He probably will be fishing with 510lipripper or myself. Just informed him yesturday and asked him to sign us up. If my brother wants to fish, I will need to find a back seat with some one.
I'll let you guys know if I do it and need a back seater. If I fish it, most likely Bassman1057 and I will be fishing together.
It most likely will take 15lbs to win. I'm hopin to get lucky... [green]
I think everyone is hoping to get lucky!! I am hoping out of a 30 fish day I can get a few good ones, not all little clones.
BRADRC51 Boater/Raggamufin Rippin non boater. We went to Calero got inspected, banded, went to Coyote Bait and registered. If you can't land fish... come watch me for a good laugh...Will be on the back of the boat fishin in the raggamuffin style and fashion...birdsnests, broken rods, possibly soaking wet, more time spent re-tying than casting. Might even find me pulling a lure out of some part of my body, off a stump, 20 ft high off a tree branch. You might find me trying to retreive my lure from shore, with the lure retreiver extended out to 15 ft, so I don't break the rules and leave the water. If you hear Brad yelling, I couldn't reach the lure and he just scratch the bottom of the boat trying to get me in closer, or if you see my with plyers in hand, near his back, with my fishing pole in hand, you know what just happenned! (8-| It wasn't me! (8-| If I should fall into the lake again, do I get disqualified? :D
Good luck, be safe, and enjoy!
Have fun guys!! Wish I could attend this one but Easter crap got in the way!! [8|]
Hope a SJBer wins !!!! Good Luck to all!!!
Sounds like Bassman1057 and I are going to fish. Hopefully we can get lucky out there. I might be able to fish a little tomorrow afternoon to do some prefishing. We will see.
I still cant find my self to DONATE MY MONEY to this TOURNY!!!!...

I have no probs w/ it or any affiliates....I love the raffle though!!!!!.....I go maily for pix and to DROOOOOOOL over the KICK @$$ Boats out there!!!!....

But I just cant see spending money to go catch DINKS...And POSSIBLY and I say POSSIBLY get a kicker.....I been fishing there for years now...And have spent many hrs there...Biggest yet for me to get outa there was about 4.5 mayb 5 lbs!!!!...

I did see the 12lbr last tourny.....NICE FISH.....Saw other catch from 6-9lbers as well....But there is just something about that lake that dont agree with me at all!!!!....I love catching those 20-30 dinks all day but....Come on ANDERSON throw me a bone....

I will get a fatty outa there soon....But not this

Good luck to all who goo out.....Would be great to see SJBERS ther and to see and SJB TEAM TAKE IT ALL!!!!!!...... [green] [green] [green]

Soooo who's doin it???

Ended up paying late and now I have to launch at the back. Should be an interesting day. lol
Dinkfest with a few over 5 lbs...No thanks.
Was it really a dinkfest?
Pretty much....I think we weighed in a little over 7lbs. Winner was Jason Barofka (sp) with 10 or 12lbs. 6lb big fish. His team took home $4,200. [8|] Not a bad payout.

Awesome that coyote bait puts this on. I think it really helps the southbay scene. Too bad there aren't more tournies on our local lakes.
They need to do one on Coyote. I know it's a smaller lake but you could limit the boats.