Anderson Trout

me and my buddy went fishing today in the rain at anderson and he ended up catching a trout on a speed trap! crazy day at the lake
I have a humble theory fish are finding ways to reproduce in our big deep lakes such as Anderson. I have also caught Trout out of here throughout the years. While it is a known fact that the creek below Anderson Dam has been stocked in the past with Trout and Catfish, why we still catch an occasional Trout in the lake is somewhat a mystery for me. The ones I have caught were planter-size and in my opinion if being so should have been eaten up long ago pretty easily by the resident Bass that reside here in great abundance. Just sayin' [8:)
Rainbow trout do not reproduce in lakes. That makes no sense. They spawn in creeks. Brook trout do spawn in lakes however.

The rainbows being caught in anderson are either holdover trout from when anderson did get planted or they are the offspring of trout that spawn in the creek section of anderson just before it hits Coyote Reservoir.

Also there might be other tributaries that feed into anderson that the trout might migrate up when the winter/spring rains put water into those streams.
Ender , you are correct in all accounts , the additional way for Trout to end up in Anderson is from smaller fish "washing" down from Coyote in real high rain winters.
A couple years ago , I caught a Rainbow that went 3 1/2 pounds on a C-rigged Robo worm.That particular Trout was a perfect specimen , not a single blemish and all fins were square. So it was in no way a planted trout . Had to be either wash down from Coyote , or spawn from the creek between the two lakes .
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Caught this at Anderson a couple years back on a chatterbait. He took it right at the boat and then put on a show thrashing about at the boat. Pretty cool scene. Missed one earlier that day, also right at the boat he hit it but didn't commit. I was like that wasn't a bass and found out it was a trout when I caught the other one later that day.
these trout are most likely steelhead that were trapped once anderson damn was created and thus becoming resident rainbow trout. Many of the local streams have become resident rainbow trout streams once passage back to sea is blocked, other examples of this are almaden reservoir and stevens creek reservoir. They mostly live and reproduce in the creek between anderson and coyote however some that are big enough can survive in the reservoir, they are mostly larger fish as it is very difficult for smolt sized trout to survive in the reservoir due to the bass population.
back in the early 80's , Anderson was drained so they could repair the bottom pump (there's three located from the left of the boat ramp out to the dam ).
All the fish (gamefish , mostly bass and catfish) were removed from the lake and relocated to Calero . All the trout were removed . I say that because they used to stock Anderson with Trout all thru the seventies.
So anything caught today is either from wash down out of Coyote and or those trout go back up that creek to spawn.
The three and half pound trout that I caught looked exactly the same , an absolute perfect specimen . --- and the Robo worm it attacked was the same way , right next to the boat as I was pulling the worm out water --- it went went completely crazy after , awesome fight.
It sure seems like more trout are being caught than ever before .
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