Anderson video clip!

Check this out! I let my friend have this video clip to edit him self from a Anderson trip last Monday, we went out for the last 3 hours and had some fun. My buddy Dave even caught his personal best! Good job to Davo and Christina for catchin all those nice ones! I'll have all the rest of the videos ready later this spring. :)
Keep em coming man!
hey nice fish!!!! what were you using?
What kind of line were you using?

Didn't look like he put up a fight at all. Took you like what 15 seconds to drag him in.
Nice fish for anderson!
Ender, Ya crazy huh? it did only take seconds to get in the boat! my boy had 14lb mono with the drag tighten down, it was funny and scary at the same time.LOL... watch it again and check out my reaction when I saw how big it was. [8|]

Fish are up shallow you guys go get 'em!
Very nice fish for Anderson. How big is the fish? What did you guys catch the fish on? Any fish on reaction bait like rip bait or crank bait? What's the water temp?
Funny how your buddy is looking around and isnt paying attention before he gets bit.
Excellent fish !!!! Looks like Anderson is getting better fish. How much did it weigh?
Looks like under the bridge with a -------Senko???
Congrats , great video
Tight lines,
1 Old man
LOL! lol ya he edited a lot of the sound out.There was a big truck driving over the bridge at that time. I think it made the video better.LOL!

He was using blk an blu senko, we have had a lot of worm fish, drop shot,senko ect...only reaction came from a basstrix.
Great video! Your friends must be lined up since you keep putting them on fish. lol Your video is really stable so it doesn't appear to be a hat cam. What kind of set up are you using and how are you mounting it? Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.
SICK!!!! Awesome post man.
GREAT VIDEO ENJOYED THE HECK OUT OF IT....RIGHT ON ......... Jrs trolling moter is down and our funds are low but need to fix the problem soonnnnnnnnnn....