Went to Anderson this morning. Not a bad day. Landed 6. Lost another 3. Nice size for Anderson. All around 2-3 pounds. Finally caught a picture worthy fish. Nice 5.5 pounder. Full of energy too. Made 2 sick jumps before I got her to shore.
Nice! Gets my juices flowing to get my ass back on the lakes.
Its been more than 3 weeks since I last fished.
Hopefully the fishing gets better. It's been pretty slow for me the past couple weeks. Maybe it's best you missed out.
Very nice!! I managed to pick up three small bass last weekend at Chesbro. (Which is more than I expected from that lake.) ;)
Hey chefster u get em on surface baits or jigs???
No topwater action today. Going to coyote tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a few there.
Nice one chef!