Whats up guys,
Hit up Anderson yesterday for about 1 hour. Thought it would be really muddy buy it wasn't to bad. As I'm walking down to the spot I wanted to fish I see 3 guys fishing near it but far enough away to fish where I wanted. First cast I get a few small nibbles...nothing. About 20 minutes after that I get a solid bite and I hook up! Forgot how good it feels to have a LMB on the other end of my line.
Fairly nice sized fish. I was happy with it.
Moved to another spot to try my luck for a bunch of nothing. As I'm walking back to my original starting spot to try a few more cast before I leave, one of the live bait guys has taken it over...bummer.
All in all a great hour of fishing.
Can't wait for Saturday though!

Anderson 03-04-14.JPG

photo 3.JPG
Nice one man! ( Fish & that pic )
It was fun getting out there and hooking up. Views are a big plus as well.
Its funny, I don't really stop to admire nature and all the beautiful surroundings on a daily basis. But when I'm fishing...I just notice it more.
Good times.
You have a good eye for photography. You took one pic of my dog when we were out on O'neill forebay that I love.
Nice fish man.
Thanks Houla.
I think its mostly the phone
nice fish. and even better picture. i would print that one out!