Going out to anderson taking the boat out and going to try and catch me some largies hope I get into them I will let yall know.
must be nice going out on a need to take some week day PTO... [green]

good luck!
Got out around five and fish one cove for a little while got three lost 2 all small fish. But finally I got into them. My buddy hooked two landed one all on shaky heads. It was my first time bringing the boat out so I was trying to figure out how to work the trolling motor. I will have to say fishing from the boat is way better then shore fishing I am hooked.
Awesome! The big A is a great place to learn your boat.

I went out today....didn't catch any biggies. }:(
Thats nice to see that you are getting out there GW. I might be going out there this weekend or going to LBC. Maybe I'll see you out there.
went out again today and banked it got 3 on the shaky and lost 2 all small but fills good to have back to back catching fish days. found my new worm.after yesterday I got me a new confidence bait.