Going to Anderson today to fish at wood choppers and by the bridge any one have any advice? I will be out there tomorrow morning also.
so i fished both days and didnt catch a thing. Same old story for me didnt even get a bite I must be throwing the big sign that tells the fish to go some other place. I keep trying and I keep on getting skuned. Not a big problem I just like being out there.
Sounds like me and Quarry Lake. (8-|

Use a robo worm on a dropshot. Fish points.
I have had good luck with a shakeyhead Reaction Innovation worms around the bridge area, nothing big, just the numbers type of catches.
Up till this month jigs have been great on any point around woodchoppers! I've been throwin the blade a lot at the southbay lakes and gettin slammed!! Was out at Anderson 3/24/09 and stuck 3 on a chart/white spinnerbait. Fish to 1.5# nothin big but always fun on the blade. Also managed some digits from a chick walkin her dog...all in all i'd have to say thats a productive day [green]
yes....catch chicks, get fish!
I was there last week..jigs and Dropshot roboworms. I will also be out there aswell tomorrow. Gonna enjoy a nice day off [8:)