Another 7Lber!

This one came from the Oakridge Pond last night. I was throwin the texas rig brush hog in the channel closest to Oakridge Mall and I barely felt her pick it up, but I saw the line swim off and set em. Two 7Lbers in 2 weeks! Crazy!
SWEET!! Congratulations lol
Nice fish!

I keep meaning to get out and try this spot as I've yet to go there. I just got a new rod/reel, maybe this weekend.....
nice fish!!! congrats!
Cool man! Those ponds are good.
Haha that happened to me too. I caught a 7.4 my PB and two weeks later I stick a 7.12 and break my PB. Nice fish.
that pond is the one that got me hooked on fishing... about 1993

thats one very health looking fish too... its been eating well. there must be alot forage for them in those ponds.
nice catch...

RWAHHHH I MUST GET OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice fish by the way
Im going out there tomorrow, never fished there, what lures/plastics do you suggest using after all this rain?
I'm gonna try my luck over at these ponds today since there is a break in the weather.
ya i just went out there today with drewsturr he caught a nice 4 pound bass and i caught three 2 pound bass all in wacky worms he was using a 7 inch senko. and i was using a jackall flick shake with the jackall wacky rigging jig head we had a pretty good day
Just got back, no luck for me.
i went as well yesterday. it was my 1st time there. i havr to say overall its a nice place. a lot of people there had luck as well as myself. i used a red midnight special spinnerbaite. it only took about 10 cast till i got one but then after that it was kinda dead. so whats the best time to hit up that place?
when i went the bite was before sunrise and til 8ish-9ish i heard evening is good too!