Another after work adventure!!!

Another after work adventure!!! Hallelujah for daylight savings time!!! I am keeping this spot on the down low but the fish are biting everywhere....
You can tell me on the low :D
Nice fish. I think everyone should keep their spots quiet right now. It's spring, why should people go out and put in the time to find a good bite only for the guys who haven't put the time in to reap the rewards? Also, bucket brigade is already out in force, I don't want to give them any help.

It's spring, find a good bite and enjoy it. If you haven't put your time in, get out and figure it out.
I dont think there is any harm in doing it via private message, purely publicly is a no no
Exactly, share with friends via PM.
That's what I meant, lower your weapons. Informàtion obtained.
Usually I share the location of the fish I cantch because I'm not worried , i will still catch fish there but this time I got info from some other people so I got to keep it on the DL...anyways ... You might know where I Caught em' but that still won't tell you how i caught 'em... :) I could tell you I used the drop shot. But that's a little helpful did I use A RoboWorm or a senko... Standard rig or wacky... do i go 1/8or 3/16 weight..did I go 6 pounds or 8 pounds test... Was it a dark color or a light color... 6 inches from the weight or 18 inches from the weight... Deep or shallow. Flats or points.'s ... Rocky bottom. Sandy bottom. Around cover,,tight to cover.... From the bank or the boat...i could go on., I usually have the answers to all these questions before I even get to my spot... Only because I have been doing this for a minute... Anyways was hoping to go after work again somewhere but I was denied by the wifey... :) Peace
See you in the morning? I'll be there... I hit a 5.20 today.
Let us see some pics!