Another one!!!!

Well you guys should already know how i do it and what i catch still waiting for that DD but i decided to go out this morning and get this one just for the hell of it. pretty consistent if you ask me.
Way 2 go Miguel [8|] ...tossin the swimbaits huh..Nice one.
Thats a fatty,nice fish what was the weight?
Yup big baits is the way to go. it was 6 pounds 10 ounces.
nice fish what spot you get him.
mike ike 23 wrote:
nice fish what spot you get him.

(8-| what spot they could be anywhere ......I would not give up my exact spot...then the next time you would see like 10 fool's fishin there..........My boy's have caught nice fish all around the lake......... [green]
Thanks Sr. i could not have said it better.
Let just say YOTE has been his favorite place of late , based on what I have read of his posts...
Nice pic. Miguel... You definately have put your time in.. your due.
Congrats :)
damn dude, that could almost be a photoshop of your last fish from saturday. I know where you were saturday, but it's not the spot, it's the technique. You've got some skills man.

Great fishy.

Lol! I just noticed they look the same.Imma have to start wearing different sweatshirts when i go out or something and i always got that same picture angle cuz i gotta throw the self timer unless im with someone.
Thats friggin knarly way to goMiquel ,,,,right on fishon
Nice one. She's a fatty. Congrats. Looks like the one that hit you during the Yote Night Mission kept you up all night. You look tired. [green] Way to bounce back.

You getting any hits on top during daylight or is nighttime key?
Awesome post!!!! Nice work Miguel, and congrats on being able to put the time in.
Success Excellent!! lol

I've never thrown the big swim baits but I think I'll have to make the investment. A couple of questions:
Where is the best price found for the Huddleston and are there any comparable baits?
I throw a 7' Shimano MH Crucial with a 4k series spinning reel will this gear handle that big bait? Minimum line size?

You guys are inspirational. Congratulations & fish to live
Cheapest way to go for starting out is:
H Okuma SB rod
Shimano Cardiff
Berkely Big Game 25lb
$40 hudd

Don't go overboard, stick with what works. It kills me when I see someone new to SB go out and drop mad dough on SB stuff and more then half of it sits around, sometimes more as swimbait fishing can be a little discouraging.

Nice fish Miguel...looks like you had some safety meetings while deadstickin baits... [green]