Any news on Anderson?

Hi all!!

Does anyone know if there's hope for a boating season this year @Anderson?

Water level has been increasing at least for the last month (even during no-rain Feb). Are they pumping water in this year as well? ( ... hp?id=1480)

I know they were trying to delay the work at the dam due to the drought but don't know what's the last word on that.

I heard last week that the dam project has been delayed at least one more year , so that means we have this year and maybe next year ( probably due to firing the CEO @ SCVWD) .
Also checked water levels , as of this morning , Anderson was @ a level of 576.2 .
The ramp is usable at a level of 574 .0 .
All we need now is for the water Nazi's to open up the ramp and let us have some fun !!!!
Tight lines ,
Shore fishing right now is nice...about a fish every half hour, from pretty much anywhere.
Thanks Robb and blackshirt.

It's nice to see that everything is up for boats, hopefully they open the ramp soon.

In the meantime I'll try from shore, haven't tried since ~November.
Hey californiashark,

Definitely get on the shore. Some kid just landed a 9 pounder out of anderson. i saw the post on fishbrain this morning. I haven't heard of a fish that size out of Anderson, so get out there!
Haven't been there for a couple weeks but last time I was there I was hunting for Crappies and had some success :D
I got out there this morning before the heavy storm system runs through tonight...nailed a 5.75 pounder, my biggest out of Anderson. Female that was spawned out.