Any open seats for Delta this weekend?

Dying to catch my first striper ever! Anyone with an open seat let me know. Willing to throw in on gas or whatever is needed to catch some fish! Boat or no boat I'm going out there for the weekend. The kid is going to LA and the girlfriend is going to vegas which means nothing but fish on for me!

Thats a good idea. I don't have a boat, but I'm gonna need to go out to the Delta within the next month to try and get some monster largemouth. Sometimes I just go to Sugar Barge Marina and rent one of their boats, costs like 50 bucks for 4 hours or something, and the boats are kindof jacked up, but its tons of fun. What general area do you usually go to fish from shore if you dont mind me asking? Sherman Island, Bay Point, Big Break or do you go deep in to Stockton? I havn't spent much time fishing from shore there, seems like a maze trying to find a spot from shore lol. We do usually go to Sherman island though. Got on a few schools of stripers in the past, catching them on every cast. Oh and there's also Discovery bay, they have some cool bridge spots to fish around.
PM sent.