Anybody goin out this weekend? I am.

I'll be going tomorrow for a few hours, spring is too far away, I wanna catch a some now! My 2nd time to the lake but this time I'm walking as far to the right of the boat launch as I can, pass the 2nd dam if I can. From the satellite image it looks like theres a nice trail the starts from the picnic area, then goes across the first dam, then continues a good ways down the lake. Can anyone confirm this?
have fun walking that far i did it once and never doing it again haha. a lot of snakes and stuff there have a nice trip though and good luck dude.
bank walker if you stay by the lake you walk around the whole lake now its pretty low were you can do this now but it one heck of of a walk ;Di made it to the cove were there is a cement spillway that shoots water out when lake is full with no luck but i got a workout and got to check out some areas to fish this spring hope you catch and keep posting them pics i might make it out there this sunday i hope good fishin len 8-)
One advantage of fishing near the second dam is that boats are prohibited. That place is probably gets the least amount of pressure year round....

Good luck.

marce thats what i thought no boats allowed past those buoys but when i was there 2 boats went in there and fished great place to fish in early spring happy holidays len :)
I truely dont think the walk is really that bad but I don't understand the reason for the 'No Bikes' sign on the trail at the end of the first dam. Is it because the trail isn't paved? I aint complaining it just would be very nice if they allowed bikes, you could get to the 2nd dam in less than 10 minutes, but then again everyone would do it. Jus sharing the thought.
im goen tomorow with the boat me and my buddy are gunna hopfully catch a couple in this rain haha i just hope it doesnt get to windy