Anybody know of any good fly-fishing trout streams close by?

Im just starting to fly fish, and i want to try my skills in
a trout stream thats within an hour's drive of palo alto.
anybody know of a good one?
What about the san lorenzi river in santa cruz?
Ender wrote:
What about the san lorenzi river in santa cruz?

Thats seasonal there... beware of the ranger and game wardens...
And steelies are the only thing that run in that river.. .just an FYI
Ok thanks
There are a few coastal streams that hold steelhead fishing close by where you can practice your fly techniques. As RL mentioned they are seasonal usually Nov-Feb. You need to have a steelhead punch card and definitely check the regs for restrictions e.g. barbless hooks, no nets, C&R and flow restrictions. The San Lorenzo will hold fish in the lagoon by the boardwalk that can be seen from the road or rail road bridge but as with all streams the sand bar needs to be washed out so the fish can get in so pray for rain. If you have never caught one of these trout mutations they are extremely hard fighting and acrobatic. Good luck. [green]
for fly fishing info you should go to the anglers choice in santa cruz mark the owner will hook you up with all regs,and days you can fish and days you can't fish where and what they are biting on- he is very helpfull