Anybody know what type of fish this is?

I was fishing yesterday on Calero in my pontoon and went close to shore and saw this fish barely alive. I have never seen a fish like this and almost looks to long and sleek to be a bait fish. Has the look of a predator, not prey. The pictures don't do the coloring any justice. Just thought I would put it out there to see if anybody has any ideas. By the way the bite was slow. Missed one VERY soft bite on a jig. Had to leave because of the flu. Not fun to be all the way to cherry cove and puking off the toon!
bigscale logperch (Percina macrolepida)
ya it kind of looks like a perch
Looks tasty
It went straight on the drop shot!
First of all -----puking on your toon !!!!! all I have to say is --thats a dedicated bass fisherman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and yes---that does look tasty --if your a bass....
I wonder how that fish would have gotten into Calero!!!!I dont think they are naturally occuring to this area .. anybody know for sure?
This fish is much more elongated with a dorsal fin allot further back than a regular perch and I have never seen a spot by the caudal fin. Looks like the bigscale logperch (Percina macrolepida) from fatty tuna but are these suppose to be in our waterways?
Yeah that's definitely the Bigscale Logperch. LOVING this fieldguide my professor gave me. Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California.

The fish is a non-native from the eastern parts of the United States. Introduced in 1950's when the US Fish and Wildlife service stocked a couple lakes in CA with large mouth bass from a Texas water source. The Logperch hopped a long for the ride and now we have them in the central valley.

They're also not a predator like the bass. Notice the pelvic fins are all the way up, in the same manner as the fin setup for sculpins. They sit on the bottom waiting for prey to swim by and then they strike and then sink back down.
no wonder why fire tiger works soo damn well.
Yeah I know what you mean. Look at this.

Ender ,
holy cow---you nailed the info on this little bugger . I am impressed. I wonder , is this a fish that could be in significant numbers at Calero. From your description , it shouldn't really hurt the bass population , maybe the bass thin them out when pickins are thin for shad and c-dads .
How big do these grow ----?
1Old man
about 90-100mm full grown