Anybody selling any rods and reels?

Hey everyone. Im looking to get a couple of rods and reels. Anyone have any? Hopefully this post doesnt get overrun by spammers.
Check DanDBass's post a little ways down. Not sure what he has left.
I have Daiwa Lexa 100 for sale. daiwa-lexa-100-hs-6563.html
What type of rods are you looking for ???
anything really. wht do you have?
norcalfisherman925 wrote:
anything really. wht do you have?

really? sound like fishing (for rods/reels)
I have 2 of them

one is a Lamiglass 703 graphite

other one is a Lamiglass 6 1/2 E- glass rod for cranking, jerk baits ect

I never use them at all and they just sit on the rod rack

I got a right hand Shimano Caenan.
cosmetically 9/10
performance 9/10

right handed, 100 size. 6.3:1 retrieve with EVA knobs.
Spooled with 40lb sufix 832 braid backing with a flouro topshot.

I cleaned it after every other trip or after every delta trip.