Anyone available to product test jigs at coyote tomorrow

Hey crowd, I'm product testing some jigs and would love a second rod in the water looking for trophies. I'll supply the jigs you just supply your fishing skills. I can meet you there or pick you up. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
So did you stick em? or nah?
Got Em decently... about a dozen fish ranging from 2-4 lbs. All on brown and orange. Going back saturday.
A dozen fish from 2-4 lbs from the shore is better than decent!
I was able to make it out there with Dan yesterday. Great fishermen, even better guy. He's working on a great product so be on the look out, go check him out on his website. His jigs are legit, I already plan on buying a bunch when they're ready.
man wish I could've gone.
we hit San Luis Resevoir.
Hey guys, some of the videos I made from the recent trips to Coyote are up on youtube and my website
If you need someone to test or promote, let me know. the jigs look great
those are some wicked looking jigs
I wanna try a few out at the delta.
I know I'll be rippin lips all day
I have a few of the pb&j jigs than dan gave me last year at alamaden. They WORK!!
alright Dandbass n I are hitting pinto tomorrow.
we're gonna rip some jaws with those jigs of his.
I'll let you guys know how it goes.
fish on
nice ass... um...uh... bass [red]
I second that glouie