Anyone fish the surf this last weekend?

Wow tough weekend fishing the surf. Went out Friday, even left the beachpotato chair and did some walking. A couple of Perch @ Carmel Beach. Sat, went to Sand City beach -again a couple of average Perch. Sunday morning again @Carmel Beach -nada, zippo.

I will say the view at Carmel Beach was spectacular off shore and on shore [green]

Nothing to report except for nothing.

I do have a question though. I'm a novice at Plastic Swim baits in the surf? Can anyone chime in and let me know what they use to get out there? I mean how far can you get a plastic swim bait out there into the surf. Size lead headed jig etc. Rod type?

Thanks for anything you care to share. See you on the beaches.
Looks like it was tough for both fresh and salt water last week. My brother & I hit Yote on Saturday and we were skunked so I'm glad to hear you picked up a couple average sized perch. Something is better than nothing ;)
yeah you're right Glouie- it's always great at the beach. Do you throw plastic swim baits at the beach? Something I'm just getting into- trying to match swim bait size, spinning rod, and getting what I believe is the proper distance into the surf by casting is something of an experiment. If you or anyone is experienced in that I'd like to know how far you're getting out there with your plastic swim baits? How heavy are they?


I will assume you are targeting striped bass.
If you need distance to reach structure and or fish then a swimbait certainly shouldn't be your first choice.
On a 4-6 inch swimbait I would go with about 1/2-1 oz. Think about the depth of water you are casting into, strength of wind, and how rough the surf is. That will sort of dictate the weight issue.

Casting technique will also have an effect on your distance.
Just about any rod and reel will do other than your freshwater bass pole, but plenty of guys use those as well. Conventional setups also work.

Me personally I use rods between 9-11ft and they can all handle a 1oz swimbait. Try to match the head shape to the plastic. My lighter 11 footer gives me the most distance but again with a swimbait your targeting fish that are in close.
They can be very effective.
I hope that helps
Got it! Thanks Lee makes sense. I can't see how you'd get more distance without a heavier jig head. And yes I was talking about for stripers. Good advice, i.e. wind, surf, depth etc. Thank you.

I actually bring to poles when I surf fish.

For perch I use a 9' steelhead that is rated from 3/8-1 oz. lures which I throw grubs and Gulp baits.

I also have a light 8' saltwater pole rated for 3/8-1.5 oz. lures which I throw a 1 oz. hair jig with a 4" curly tail grub or if it's really windy, the bigger 1.5 oz with a Kalin 6"Mogambo grub.

I have not caught any stripers on the surf yet, but if I keep chucking those, I hope to run into a school one day. :D
Glouie, I also bring 2 poles sometimes for the same reason you do. A perch pole and something a bit heavier for stripers.

Keep on chuckin!