anyone for perc ponds tomorrow?

I thought I'd take a trip out there to get out of house and practice some new lure presentations.
just came from there 15 min's ago. got 5 trout today. some others around me got more then i did. overall good trip today.
I went to the blue ponds a couple of weeks ago for a few hours in the evening. Fished senkos, jigs, topwater, spinnerbaits, plastic worms, shaky head, you name it. Didn't get a single bite. Nada. Maybe it was post-frontal conditions or something. What was really frustrating was after the sun set, there were small fish busting the surface all over the place. It was getting dark so I couldn't get a good look but I figured they must be either baby bass or baitfish. Couldn't get anything to even sniff my bait let alone bite it. This probably goes on every evening. What was I seeing and how do you trigger a strike?
to tell you the truth man i also have been having bad luck with bass at the ponds as well. the 2nd and the one next to the blue pond i have the best luck in. also a friend of mine who is a hardcore bass fisherman told me that the bass are not as active this time of the year and like to stay in deep water. the ponds are not that deep but im sure their are holes in some of them. hope this helps you out.
I've been getting a really tough bass bite there the last couple weeks as well. I've been skunked the last two times I've gone, with no bites at all on the last trip. I'm just blaming it on the off-season for now since the fishing was great late sept.-through oct.
The water is cooling as these cold nights/days progress. Let's hope those babies grow fast :) The sad thing is alot of the bass there are diseased with a fungal thing and a 2 pounder i caught there had a triangular indentation on middle of head. I later caught some tiny ones and on 1 out of the 4 had this indentation. I wonder if that algae inhibitor is the cause to some degree. All these were caught on a day a month back. I too had trouble getting bites when I went recently.
this comes to a conclusion;

the bass at the percs are evolving............. [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|] [8|]
haha! they might start walking soon =D
lol you know lots of species of fish can actually walk on land like snakeheads, walking catfish, ect. the next on the list are BASS!!!!