Anyone hit up the ISE?

Chercked it out today. Pretty cool stuff. Listen to Gary Dobyns and Ish Monroe talk a little bit. Picked up a new custom punker. Black dog had a raffle and I picked up a Bassaholics shirt, a beanie, a go-2-minnow, a swimbaitnation jacket, and two bottles of xtreme reel+. This kid that was about 9 years old won two 6" punkers and a 9" punker. He had three tickets and won a punker on every ticket. They gave away a few billed shell crackers. Josh St. John had his baits there too, some were painted up by Jeremy Anderson from Black Dog and looked friggin sweet! Check out Josh's site to see the baits Jeremy painted up for the show. If you guys go you have to stop by the Black Dog booth and the Bass Tackle Depot booth, which are right next to each other and get some raffle tickets. I couldn't beleive how much stuff they gave away today. Oh yeah, met BankWalker there, nice to meet you, we gotta take the toons out once this weather gets a little warmer.

Josh's site with the baits:
dat sounds fun.
Yeah, I went to the show on saturday afternoon. I remember going to the SF Boat show at the Cow Palace when I was a kid. This was much smaller. And even though my kid got in free and used a $2 off coupon, I thought the show was pricey at $21 for parking and admission. I only had a few hours so I felt a little rushed.

I enjoyed seeing the tackle vendors and retailers the most. I saw some jigs at Hi's that looked good enough to eat. I wished there were more folks demonstrating how to catch fish with their products. I probably would have bought that stuff. I watched Ish Monroe flipping his 4 inch swim bait into a tank with a hundred pounds of LMB. Man, that lure looked EXACTLY like the baitfish. I guess those bass were wise to the lure and didn't bite but it was fun to watch. He ended up spending too much time talking about his run-ins with the Georgia Patrol and not enough time showing us how to fish. What a waste!

My overall impression? Not enough freebies and not enough bass-specific stuff. I didn't see many killer deals either. Would I go again? Probably but I'd take a look at when the better demos were going to be shown.
Not enough freebies????? You obviously mised the BTD and Black Dog booth. They gave about 500 dollars worth of stuff. Like I said, One kid won THREE punkers!!!!! I enjoyed the show very much!
Nah, I stopped by the Black Dog booth. Those hand painted lures were truly works of art! Really too beautiful to throw in a murky lake, IMHO. Does anyone really throw those things? Maybe the economy hasn't caught up with some fisherman yet...

Great topic though, Chaozu. Thanks for posting it. I hope to hear from others'.
I have three custom punkers and two custom crackers and throw all of them. I really dont think color matters too much with top water baits but it's f*ckin sick to see a big ass fish hanging from one of those customs! That's why I throw them. I picked up the RED one. Here is a pick from Josh's site: Top right Pinker ... 3de970b-pi