Arastradero lake!!!

Has any one been to Arastradero lake? It's near felt lake but it's a bit worst fishing.
It is definitely worth fishing! I am not kidding, go check out ICHTHY.COM, for info. It is filled with catfish, and big Bass. Caught a bunch of Bluegills, and huge momma bass here, including channel catfish. It's a farm pond, which means plenty of food, fresh flow of water, multi species including great cover comes out to equal big BASS. Good Luck
i fished there a lot before and caught some fish like including 3 pounder in this cove way in the back end ,on rattle traps, jigs, beasts, stone jigs with rattles , and floating worms. But i've been getting skunked latley. So any tips? Icthy has lots of good info but you cant give reports.