Are these ponds near the Perc Ponds fishable?

I was checking out googlemaps for a better parking place near perc ponds and found these other ponds. The ponds are a little north from the perc ponds just follow the creek.


Are they fishable?
idk mabye illeagle cause nobody goes there and and probably fish because no one goes ther and it is next to the same creek as the percs
Hey Ender,

I also use Google maps to find new places to fish sometimes. When I see something if I can I go into street view to try and get an idea of whether it's legal/worth fishing. Here's what I saw. This is the pond marked #2:
Looks like it's private property and I don't think there are any fish in there, pretty sparse.

I checked the view of #4 as well and it didn't even have water in it. It was in Edith Morley Park.
yeah um ive went in there but never saw or caught anything
ahah iaconelli you sound like a rebel sneaking into private property!

Well we all know the best fishing spots are the ones that don't get fished [green]