Austin LMB Fishing?

I'm seriously considering moving to Austin TX. Any of you have any experience? How is the fishing compared to here?

BTW: I found a local bass fishing site like this and posted questions basically asking 'How is the fishing in Austin'? I got good amount of replies pretty quickly. I was very surprised how many of the replies were to say "Californians don't come here". Granted I posted in wrong forum as one of them pointed out, but still.
I fished Fayette County Lake with a guide a couple years ago. Caught a bunch of 2-3 pounders mostly on Carolina rig, couple on a-rig. It's a power plant lake which means the water is relatively warm year round. They get an earlier spawn and longer fishing season if you can stand the cold.

I think the anti-California thing is largely due to historical migrations of Californians driving up housing costs, traffic, etc.

I've been to Austin all times of the year. It's hotter than the surface of the sun in the summer. Sometimes rains ice in the winter (as in you don't leave your house on those days). Other than that spring and fall are just fine. Oh yeah, and you can buy a mansion for what you'd get in the Bay Area.
I have never lived there , but I have travelled there for business several times .
Hot is an understatement , I went for a sales meeting and some golf , 114 degree's on a golf course is downright torture . at midnight , it was still 103 on two consecutive days .
Thanks for the input guys.

Just for fun if you got time, check out this thread that I started. ... ustin.html
I like those guys. Tell em' I'm coming in a year or two. [green]
I've only been to Dallas but I really liked the people. I was going to comment on this post much earlier, but I didn't want to get too political. Looks like a couple of the Texans confirmed my thoughts about why they might be anti-Cali. I grew up here and man, has it gone downhill...
Good luck if you make the move. I'm kinda jealous!