Back in action!

Hi all, I’ve been back fishing after fighting some health problems, glad to be back. More of a bay guy but want to learn freshwater fishing, I tried campbell perc ponds last week (have not been there in over 2 years) and it was all murky! It’s a shame since last time I was there the water was crystal clear with lots of fish visible.

Any way, tried corn and chicken liver, trying to learn how to catch carp/catfish no luck. Any pointers?

Welcome back to the outdoors!!

I’m not much of a carp or catfish guy so can’t help too much. Last time I was in that area this past summer, I saw good sized carp in the creek next to the perc ponds. The stretch of creek right next to the main pond- despite being matted over with weeds- had some big carp surfacing.

I’ve also heard of bread or dough balls for bait. Let us know how it goes!

Welcome fishboi!

What time of the day are you fishing when targeting the carp and catfish? For the cats it might be worthwhile considering some night operations.

What time of year did you last go to the Campbell ponds previously? I have been there a few times the last 2 years and both water clarity and number of fish haven’t been great. I’ve only seen some small bass and panfish next the small submerged trees right next along the entrance driveway.