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I'm against using a rigs in tournaments. hears what my good friend mike said on another site, sorry its long.

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by Mike Tuck » Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:24 pm
Well I and most of the folks whose names you would recognize on the petition have spent plenty of time wrecking giant bags of bass with it and I promise you the success I have had with it has no bearing on my views on it not belonging in tournaments.

I want it out of tournaments for now for so many reasons that many of you haven't even considered yet.

Just go look at the list of guys from out here who signed the petition today. You can't tell me you really think they aren't catching them on them. Our success with it is actually one of the reasons we want it out of tournaments along with live bait, 2nd rod stamps, trolling, and jet drive aluminum boats. All of these are legal at the state level but not allowed in tournaments. How is it any different to those of you who say its legal lets do it? I'm still waiting on the first legitimate argument against this fact, or any for that matter.

reasons or motivation for not wanting it in competition.....
1. how entertaining will it be to watch bass or flw tv shows week after week seeing 10 different pros throwing A-rigs at what ever lake they are at? once is fine, twice is too much, and a 3rd time is going to get turned off in favor of a water polo game on espn 14.

2.Sure SOME tackle companies have a vested interest in the A-rig driving sales, some of my endorsements as well. It may actually cost me $ if it is banned. What about companies that don't sell swimbaits or jigheads for the rig??? probably going to see them suffer greatly when every tournament is won on this thing. And how again is driving up the cost of competitive fishing good for us(the competitors)???Now I need 30 packs of berkley hollow bellies a day instead of 2? and 10 boxes of jigheads in various sizes ? Hasn't everyone been complaining about the cost it takes to fish an event? maybe you've noticed the success of the FPT etc. $90.00 entry fee derby's in theses recent years of economic struggle? It makes perfect sense to make it more expensive.right?

3. Isn't tournament fishing supposed to be about trying to be the best angler who figures out the answers to the ever changing environmental conditions with this bait and that bait. It is something to be proud of when you best your peers on a given day by figuring out the fish. It's not quite the same endorsement when you see somebody catching them on whatever bait on whatever spot and you go to the same place the next day throwing the same thing and win. Plenty do it and it is wrong. By allowing the A-rig into derby's we are creating a atmosphere where your abilities and talents are less important to how you will finish an event than just putting one particular rig in the right place. I personally take great pride in trying to be the best angler at each event with all of the tools at our disposal. The A-rig should not be allowed because it is superior to all others techniques. Tournaments are getting closer and closer to becoming who is the best engineer or who is the first one with the next best bait that will beat all others, ( or at least the first to figure it out)or who finds a loophole in the rules that allows him or her to have an unfair advantage over the competition, at this event or that. I want to win with the system that is in place, not to win by outsmarting the system.

Every year tournaments are getting further and further away from what we should all enjoy about competition (what I just mentioned). It should always be about being the best angler on any given day. Not the best angler with the A-rig, or the best angler with a jet drive boat going into someplace no one else can get too, or being the pro who has some bait nobody else can get yet that the fish are stupid on. In tournaments we all need to first consider what is really at stake. I again know the power of this thing and I say right now that the A_rig will not only win every derby out here this year, but it will dominate in ways never seen. If you don't think there is a chance of that happening you are not paying attention.

4. It is a great technique for catching tons of fish and big fish at that. But for the long term effects on tournament fishing, its probably not a good idea to allow one rig that will dominate all others. If so I will have a ton of obsolete lures to sell...6 lb. line spinning rods, jigs, worms, hooks, weights, light action rods.....whats wrong with just enjoying it in recreational fishing with whom ever when it gets tough or you take someone out who doesn't have the skill set or mental where with all to throw a hudd for 8 hours to maybe get a bite?

5.Maybe it won't win EVERY derby out here this year, but it will only be because we weren't savvy enough to put it in front of the fish are spawning and we're throwing it on deep vertical walls.... or they are down at 60' with the trout and we stay too shallow. However the more likely scenario is that someone will put the A-rig where it needs to be at each lake to blow the doors off the rest of the competition.

6. I'm no dummy. If it's allowed in tournaments I will throw it all day everyday. I'm not saying I'll win anything; I'm just conceding that its my only chance.

7. These are mostly just my opinions i have formed based on my own personal experiences, and I'm not trying to convert everyone to my way of thinking. This is just a view I feel very strongly about. I'll do my best to have the opinions of those whom will be adversely affected by the allowance of the rig in competitions heard by the masses.

8. What is unfortunate is that as with any addition or subtraction of controversial governing rules in any sport, the numbers of people with an opinion one way or the other but won't be directly affected by the outcome, FAR outweigh the numbers of individuals who may be affected. example Baseball fans probably don't think there is anything wrong with aluminum bats, greased balls, corked bats, steroids, small fields with balls that fly out of the yard; but for the select few that are fortunate to play the game they have concerns related to safety or fairness of the game or keeping the game to fairness to its athletes natural abilities.
-How about nascar fans... they probably feel like let them build the fastest lighest cars they can, but how do you think the 40-50 drivers or their families actually feel. I promise you their thoughts are more important than the fans.
-Hunters know the value of their quarry as a resource and understand why we don't hunt with dynamite and machine guns, but do you think their numbers outweigh those whom could care less??? Thank God for all of the wildlife resource agencies.
-Boxers with weighted gloves/ can see where I'm going

Rules are necessary to protect certain aspects of a given sport and competitive fishing is no different.

Finally; the few anglers whom are affected most by this for many reasons, are unified with one idea that comes first in competitive angling.....we agree with all rules that add to the importance of ones own skills as an angler. It's not the other way around, nor should it be.

P.S. The best anglers out there will still elevate above the competition with the A-rig a whole we will have done more bad than good. I REALLY want to hear the views of Ray Scott and the likes of him and so many other pioneers who created many of the rules we use today to keep the sport fair and responsible.

- Mike Tuck
B.A.S.S already banned the a-rig.
its meant for all tournaments in general.. signed Jason alabama rig is going to ruin the tournment industry!
every signature counts so if you agree with what mike said please sign the petition. BAN THE ALABAMA RIG!!!!!!! [green]
Signed number 485 !! One Line ! One Lure! one Legacy! I see Dave LeFebre was number 1 !!
Mike Tuck has some great points here, but I respectfully disagree.

What the rig has done has opened a new door. Its not new, because striper and saltwater guys have done it for ages. Its usage in bass fishing is very innovative. If we talk skill, does the Senko not fall in same category? Anybody here who was old enough to remember how surefire a 5" Senko was when it went big time knows that for a period of a couple years it cleaned house, and took far more money than the A-Rig has. Anybody with enough skill to make accurate casts and enough patience was probably gonna catch his or her share of Senko fish. Yet no one banned the Senko, ya?

I suppose you can argue the one lure, traditionalist point of view. Its makes sense, if you believe tradition has led us anywhere beyond C&R. BASS may have banned the rig, but all the organization has proven is its even more traditional in its operation than many anglers thought. Mind you this is the same circuit that abandoned the Western guys some 10 odd years ago in favor of the "traditional" eastern and southern fisheries. Tradition has its merits, but adapting to new conditions is not one of them.

And to those that argue that it will ruin the industry...look around my friends. How many Sweet Beaver, Senko, and Basstrix imitations have you thrown recently? Any bait that becomes wildly successful will be copied quickly, and those companies that fail to adapt suffer. Thats simple supply and demand, and when the A-Rig demand peaks, things will likely return to normal. Adapt or die, thats how markets work. Yet many who want the A-Rig gone will say its for the market. If so many anglers will spout about the American values of innovation, banning the most innovative technique this sport has seen in decades is a step backwards.
Yeah i get yer point dockboy agree with alot but i think tourney fishing should be limited thats all
dockboy wrote:
Any bait that becomes wildly successful will be copied quickly, and those companies that fail to adapt suffer. .

And copied it has been...
Was in BassPro in Manteca this week...

They have 3 versions of the A-rig
Ragos version...$35.00
Original A-Rig ... $25.00
And BassPro version $15.00 (which was sold out)

I like the idea of the a-rig but where is the skill in working 5 baits at once as opposed to the skill in working one bait and getting the fish to bite. A senko was "1" bait being used on a cast, not 5
To each of their own, I enjoyed watching the success of this rise. I just don't see the skill of it.
Agreed rippin!