Band issues

If you get your band at lets say Calero can you then go to Del Valle and not have to get inspected. Here is why I am asking. I want to head to Del Valle this weekend and if it rains my boat will be wet. I have a band from Anderson and I called the East Bay Reclamation and they didn't have an answer for me. They said you need to call Del Valle but no one answers the phone there. Has anyone dealt with this before?
I'm not sure i understand what youre talking about.

Are you asking if you got inspected at calero you shouldnt have to get inspected at Del Valle?

I doubt it, you will have to get inspected each time you put a watercraft into a different body of water.
sorry for the confusion. When I pull into Calero with my band on they just rip it off and say go ahead. There is no inspection. My concern is if it is raining they will not allow my boat on because even though it is banded it is from a different area.
As a boat owner... I will tell you how it works.

Lets say today you have a band, then you go to del valle. Your band will break there as they are differennt counties. You will now need to get reinspected before launching at calero or anderson. even though it rains, you will still fail because it will be wet. As we all know they are super strict. Some say there are ways to avoid it, I say jsut don't go to del valle. Send me a PM if you have some "questions"
Del Valle does have inspections visit the following link, I've been tempted to run up there too but with their additional fishing fees + launch + inspection fees it becomes an expensive day besides the fact that you have to get reinspected here next time. I have to agree with GE on this one.
The inspectors at Pardee honored bands from Santa Clara County last time I fished a tourney there.
I think E.B.M.U.D runs Pardee? No sure bout Del Valle?
Looks like Anderson it is!! LOL Thanks guys for the info.
It would be nice if there was some type of mutual agreement between counties to honor each others inspection bands. I mean shoot we've been doing this for a few years now. ;| Good luck at Anderson.
Yah that is what I am saying there should be some sort of if you have a band you know the boat has been inspected by an inspector. I wonder why that isn't the case.
Money, Money, Money everyone wants a piece of it.. I used to go to Del Valle all the time, has all the species you want, Largemouth, smallmouth, stripers, sturgeon, catfish, trout and others. Caught trout over 8lbs and catfish over 15lbs when bass fishing. Has gone to crap though under new ownership, not sure what happened. Day at Del Valle will cost you and a buddy $27 plus the gas to get there, then you have to get rebanded at your local lakes for another $7. For all its worth might as well go to the Delta, maybe cheaper!!

Set'Em Good
Keep in mind you can buy a one year inspection pass for $35. On the way to calero or ando. I stop at a gas station use the air hose and blow out any existing water on the boat. I lay towels in the hull and remove them before I leave to get inspected. It helps out cause the air normally will dry it by the time you get to the inspection statement.
GE I wasn't aware of the annual inspection pass since I don't fish much out of the county. Does this pass allow you entry if your band is broken or is it basically for those who fish out of the county alot requiring more than the equivalent of 5 $7 inspections? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Basically for 35 dollars u can get unlimited inspections at all Santa Clara County Parks. Basically that means Calero, Anderson, Coyote, Stevens Creek Res and if they ever open again, Lexington. It basically is only worth it under two situations.

First situation:
As you stated more than 5 inspections in a fiscal year.

Second Situation:
You have a float tube and you dun wanna get it banded when you leave

Third Situation:
You own a boat and a float tube. Or you can transfer it within your friends cause its just a decal like the Venture Pass.
I didnt know about the annual pass either good shoot. Hey is it like a fishing license you buy it in January and it is good until December. Also where can you buy it?
All the kiosk at the par entrance sells them. They are good from one year from the day you buy it.