Bank Bass Fishing Around Blossom Valley?

Hey all - I just moved to the Blossom Valley area of San Jose. I'm interested in finding out which lakes nearby are producing good bass from the bank. I'm not really new to the area and I HAVE fished Calero from the bank years ago. Did pretty well. I just haven't fished any of the others in the area and I'm looking for a place I can go fish for a few hours after work. As far as I can tell, my reasonably close choices are Almaden Lake, Almaden Reservoir, Calero, Guadalupe, Chesbro and Uvas.

So if you were choosing one of those lakes to hit tonight, which would it be?

Thanks! Greg
Don't forget the perc ponds by Denny's on Alamden and the ones on Coleman also..
Theres also the Campbell Perc ponds too
The ones on coleman were drained last year and all the fish were removed or killed
Yeah, I noticed the other day that the Coleman ponds were dry. I've fished the Campbell percs before, but never got much besides a few dinks. I had much better luck at Calero. So I guess I'm just wondering if any of the other lakes have been better than Calero lately. The other drawback with Calero, especially on the weekend, is all the boating traffic. I was thinking some of the other lakes w/out the boats would be better. I guess I just need to get out there and try them all!
Passed by chesbro and uvas Friday. Caught fish from both. Nothing big. But there is life in there and the water levels are good right now.