Bank fishing Anderson?

I've never fished anderson and got tomorrow off. No boat just bank fishing, any suggestions on where to go and what to use? Is tomorrow even a good idea? Any help would be great.
I would suggest starting under the Dunne Ave bridge. Lots of deep cover there that is reachable from the bank.

If you don't mind paying for parking and walking a bit, walk accross the top of the dam to the northern end, and down to the second point. Fan cast a jig or nose-bounce a lipless crankbait. You should get bit in the 15-20 foot depth range.
Murf, thanks for your suggestions. No luck on the points but hooked up 4 at the dam ranging from 12.5-15 inches
Good suggestion murf. dropshot your favorite roboworm around there and you should catch some fish.
Yamamoto hula grubs 5" Brown w/blk flake or green pumpkin w/green n purple flake 1/4 oz weight pegged. Nice slow fall seems to get attention from the pesky suspended clones with a few takers on the fall every-now-and-then... best I've seen is #2 1/4. Bite has been decent for the past month...give it a whack next time yer out.