Bankin Quarry Tomorrow Morning...

Keepin it simple, jerkbait, black/blue hula grub, shakey head for a few hours. I might take the float tube out Saturday if I can find my waders in pops garage.
what time you headin out?
I went out this morning for a few hours, fished Rainbow didn't get nothing but i saw fish crusing shallow bout 8 feet from the bank scoping out beds. Fishing should really be good with a few more warm days.
I'll try it agin again today, it was too windy yesterday.
for quarry i know they have the pass you have to get, if i go before they open is can i get it at a machine or anything or do you all have year passes?
ya,there is a booth to pay at by the main entrance, when the place is closed. But you got to walk in.
Hey Rick, when are you going to fish that place again? Hit me up, Ill wouldnt mind fishing quarry again.
I'll let you know. Maybe after work this week sometime.
post when you are going to be there. I'm off work and can go there whenever. I was there Sunday from 1-7pm with Brad, walking the banks of rainbow and half of horseshoe. Brad had one bite and a miss. I got casting and knot tying practice. It was windy and hard to cast very far out to get onto the ledges,where we believed they would be holding. Water is crystal clear and has come up to pretty normal depth. Still felt cold to the touch...high 40s low 50s was my guess. As far as baits, i'm still sort of stumped. Don't like throwing crankbaits there for fear of loosing them. Got lucky and was able to retrieve my lucky craft lipless snagged up about 5 feet of water. Stickin to jigs, plastics, and spinner baits. Thinking of buying a chatterbait, but not shure what color to get, leaning towards white, maybe black, chartreuce or brown. Any suggestions, I can maybe afford to buy one. Might resort to bringing a spinning rod and power bait with inline spinners for trout. ;( I'll usually park at the creek trail and walk in.
Im down, just say when.
the creek trail, is that the parking lot on the right immediately after crossing the brige? if so is there a shorter way to the park? or jsut follow the road.
yes the creek trail parking just before the first pond, guess it is called rainbow as you cross the isherwood bridge, crossing the alameda creek. If you park in the parking lot there, on the right, just walk to the end of the lot and there is and opening in the fence to your left. Walk in, and there is a square pole with red envelopes and a drop slot just inside the opening. From thast point you will be facing rainbow pond and in the distance is horseshoe. If you walk right to the end of the rainbow pond is where the sunken lines of xmas trees in the shallows. Also from there you can continue around and work both ponds. the middle gate is open so you can walk through heading towards horseshoe and you can see the parking lot and ranger booth from a distance again. Hope this helps. Beware two of the four ponds is no fishing and posted. They are nature reserves. The other ponds futher back like shinn and so forth you can also fish. Use to p/u bass in them a long time ago before the renovation of the park. Use to be way better there before it went public. Use to catch trout in that creek farther up and steelhead too right there and closer to the bay believe it or not. That creek runs west to the bay and comes down through niles town. Might be out there tomorrow or thursday, I'll be toting a red backpack and a couple casting rods and a spinning rod for trout maybe. Just did a trout plant last week. I went to school with the ranger Angela there and she told me of the stock late last week. Think they were still spooky over the weekend and should be ready to eat about now. Saw tons of bank fishermen on the lomg point all shoulder to shoulder lol. Saw a couple trout landed. Not sure of the bait they were using. But I like bass fish from the banks and if I can get my aluminum gregor back from CL I will take it there to fish all the structure around.
Dad and I are going to meet and trout fish at around 9am. we usually are to the right of the launch ramp straight down towards the bank from the first gazibo in the grass near the restrooms. Taking a baitcaster too and some spinners, jigs and plastics. Maybe see you out there. Red backpack, light blue ski parkawith hood. Probably going to bring a fold up chair too dad sit on a bucket usually, come say hi and get me to bass fish with you. Since I know the ranger I am willing to fish here.
got a late start headinfg out for a 1030 meeting there with dad. couldn't wake up! 8-)
nice, i seen that parking lot but i also seen the gate so we went into the actual park. I called the park the other day and they said you could fish all night there just had to walk in. so that first lot on the right do they lock that at night? i would like to be able to park there and get some fishin in :D. as for rainbow pond, sunken xmas trees hmm, are there bass in that pond? or just shinn and horseshoe. sorry for the million questions.
There is bass in those ponds, but very finniky. I went there a couple of weeks ago before the rain came in and you could see them along those chirstmas tree. Shinn Pond has some monsters, but those banks dont produce areas to fish, you need to hit the bank where the homes are. I caught a monter there once on my toon, then found out it was illegal to do so.
Questions are good. That is part of why we are Not too sure if the parking lot at the creek trail gets a cable or gate across it or not...been a while since I have been there after dark. Let you know if I get any info on tha one!

Was there today again from 1030 till 500, soaking bait and throwing lipless crank, jig, spinnerbait. I watched one swim by, but that doesn't count!
Soaked JimmyG and Kevkc favotite bait, and all it did was stink up my fingers and get it all over the place.:D I tried out deep and in the shallows but couldn't get a planted fish to bite. One guy caught a trout flyfishing, in his first 15 minutes, after I had been there fishing with my Dad for almost 4 hrs. He let it go too, yay!
Who's down for exploring the other ponds besides Rainbow and Horseshoe?
I got to find better action somewhere else local, but no clue where, around here where we live! Any suggestions ? We can meet carpool and explore. Just waiting for CL and Delta to lively up! (8-|
i feel ya i went out to the perc ponds this mornin in campbell, soaked power bait for 3 hours. once the sun started to rise i pulled the top water and practiced my baitcasting. so i guess i got lots of practice casting i just need to learn to catch those buggers lol.
Raggamuffin Rippin wrote:
Who's down for exploring the other ponds besides Rainbow and Horseshoe?
I got to find better action somewhere else local, but no clue where, around here where we live! Any suggestions ? We can meet carpool and explore. Just waiting for CL and Delta to lively up! (8-|

im always try different water around town. There is tons of water around here, but most dont produce anything consistantly. Im only a short walk away from the little ponds around shinn pond, which is cool to get out and try, but really its just casting practice,with the accasional shocker fish pulled out. I think all of this water has really been fished out. Everyone keeps there fish, which is all right sometimes but now it hard to find any quality fish. Honestly Shinn would rock if you could get out on the water, but from shore it sucks. And if your looking for better quality fish, learn quarry lakes and you will get on fish.....