Barded Or Barbless?

Sam Kennedy of Flip In The Bird Lure Co, likes the idea of pinching his barbs on his Flip In The Bird Lure. I keep getting responses on a survey on face book that many do not like barb less. Whats your opinion its important to us to know your thoughts. Thanks Dan From Flip In The Bird Lure.
Me personally, I dont like the idea of barbless hooks. If you leave the barb on the hook, i think you have better hook-up ratios. And it keeps the fish on the hook longer.
I just had this conversation with a few of my bass buddies yesterday on the way home from coyote.
Personally, I prefer the barb, simalarly for the same reason as "trevor van dam" but assuming your a seasoned bass fisherman, shouldn't you always keep your line tight?
Thus, not relying on the barb as much as say, a newbie fisher?

I know there are some lakes that require barbs be pinched in or take the risk of a hefty fine.

I personally keep the barb, I'd hate to lose a fish due to being a rookie =)
I prefer barbed hooks because you can always modify it. But I think it just comes down to preference and the lake regulation you’re fishing in.