Basic Casting Question

One of my setups is a 7' medium heavy shimano clarus baitcasting rod with an abu garcia revo s reel, and i've been having trouble maximizing the casting distance with it. I did some research online and saw some articles about tweaking the reel to make it cast farther, but i wanted to ask you guys first. What do you think is a good way to make sure you're getting the max casting distance out of your reel/rod?

Sounds like a nice setup you have there. Mine is an ugly stick 7foot with a revo s. The reel seems fairly forgiving even if you lighten up the tension some and use thumb to slow spool a slight bit. I also heard you can somehow adjust the weights. I think I'll let you try it first though :)
I am not sure about the Revo's but I know the most reels have magnets that can be adjusted when you take of the spool.. That is how I adjust my reels to cast lures of differant weights..