Alright folks, time to generate a little new info exchange. Here’s how it works:

Each weekend I’ll post up two new competitors (baits) for consideration. Your job will be to “vote” for your favorite of the two and tell everyone why. Throw in a few tips on each and we’ll all be better off.

There will be 16 baits total, single elimination tourney-style competition until we have an SJB champion bait for 2009. Before anyone goes nuts on me and yells about having different preferences depending on season, conditions, etc, just go with which ever of the two baits you have more overall confidence in, or which you’ll fish in the widest range of conditions.

Rigging styles will be the subject of a future Death Match tourney, so try not to think too much about Texas vs. Carolina, etc in this round. We’ll also compare various brands, styles, blade configurations, etc later on. For now, let’s keep it as simple as possible.

Here we go, round 1 match 1, randomly selected competitors:

Jerkbaits VS Skirted Jigs
Image VS Image

Nice post Murf, this is AWESOME.

Having said that, I think I'll go first....

I will have to go with the skirted jigs, hands down. Simply put, this is my "confidence bait" and in most outings, for me at least, it seems to produce larger sized fish. Also, this is one of my favorite bites. I mean don't get be wrong, it's definitely not a top-water bite, but it's pretty darn cool to feel that little bump.

My favorite has been the Wadda and Revenge Jigs, using an assortment of Net-Bait Trailers.

Jigs +1
I'm going with the jig as it's probably the the best lure all year round and defihitely IMO the best cold water lure. I am not 100% sure, but I think that the jig has won more for tournament anglers than any other lure in big events.
The jig is a versatile bait that can be pitched, flipped, dragged, thrown, etc, not to mention it is weedless and like Marce said the jig usually produces larger fish.
Alrighty then, I'll be the first to vote for the jerk bait. I do alot of rippin and jerkin throughout the year and these baits allow me to cover more water than jigs. In general I get more numbers with this bait with larger fish in the spring. I work the outside of the weed edges summer through fall. Once the water starts to get cold like now is when I work the jig. My most consistent jerk bait this year has been a white Yozuri with tail feathers.
I vote for the skirted jig because i like flipping and pitching into heavy cover. Generally the clearer the water the faster i fish them. It's a lot easier to make a jig fish like a jerkbait than it is to make a jerkbait fish like a jig.
Most interesting (8-| I carry 5 rods on the deck so this is going to be a very informative discussion thread. Perhaps I'll keep a jig tied on one year round with hopes of positive results. But then comes the next question, what type of head, weight, color, etc. works best on local lakes? And what about trailers? Pork, Craws, None? Excellent discussion thread can't wait for the next contenders. lol
What a way to start off this match. I wish I had the confidence in the jig but I have never had a lot of luck with them. I do usually keep one tied on and I am starting to fish it more. When it comes to the rip bait, jerk bait, whatever you want to call the thing, it is one of my favorite baits to use. Based on the picture shown I am not sure if Murf is including top water plugs into this as well. If he considering them into the jerkbait lure, then I must say that my vote is for the Jerk Bait, I am sure it will get voted down, but there is nothing more exciting than getting a fish on a jerkbait. If its on top of the water or being ripped through some grass. Its awesome when you fish a clear water lake and you pause the rip bait and here comes a bullet that just smashes the bait like no other and the fish is on. I must say a jerkbait covers more water and can be used effectivly year round to locate fish. I use it from the spring to the fall and will through it in the winter from time to time. Especially if fishing for smallies.

jerk bait

i have caught hundereds of smallies on jerkbaits in priest lake idaho, and lake skaha in the okanagan valley in pentiction canada it also i fish floaters in weeds in the delta and sinkers in reservoirs. i also caught my first bass on a jerkbait. also i never caught much on a jig eccept for flipping but even then i prefer frogs, senkos, beasts, sweet beavers and other flipping baits.
CABassBuster21 wrote:
... Based on the picture shown I am not sure if Murf is including top water plugs into this as well.

To clarify, jerkbaits for this match include suspending ripbaits and sinking lipless jerkbaits. Topwater spooks/pencils/wakebaits are different by my definition and have been randomly selected for competition in round 1, match 8.
I like the jig produces bigger fish for me but then again I dont fish jerk baits that much.
Revenge jig/craw trailer....My favorite..always produces for me!!! [8:)
Nice job Murf. I am going with the jerk bait i cover much more area and dont have to slow fish the jig. I like the jig but my vote is the jerk bait.
Alright after much pondering...I have to chosen the jerk bait as my favorite bait...faster fishing, cover more water. A lot more work on the arm, but worth it! I catch more quantities of bass. However, jerkbaits for me, are not always a productive bait for me. In the winter weather, when the water is cold, bass seem to stage near or on the bottom 20ft+ depth. Rather than trying to get the suspended reaction strike, I go to the skirted jig w/ trailer to get down to em. The jig is a bit slower fishing for me, not really busy enough for me, but I feel the skirted jig and trailer will be more consistent catching better quality fish (less undersized/under 12in.) and a better chance for a bite. In general, when the water temp is 55 degrees or warmer, I always have both tied on ready to go. Usually I will begin the day with the jerkbait as my go to bait. Luckycraft staysee suspend and River2sea suspend jerkbaits, and the Booyah football head, and Revenge jigs are my brands of choice. In closing, neither baits are my favorate to throw, but they are confident, go to baits for me. Flippin Jigs has been a family style through the years, thanks to Dee Thomas. He use to fish the Delta with both my gandfathers in an old 12 ft Gregor, before he met with Mr. Fenwick, to produce the first flippin stick. I still use the boat and saved two hand tied jigs he made up for grandpa. :)
The time has come to close the voting on this match, but alas, we are tied 5-5. I'll leave it open for sudden death overtime. Next vote wins the match for one of our contenders.
Jerkbaits ftw. You can cover more water and activate schools of bass very fast. I have caught jerkbait fish on several consecutive cast in a row. I rarley get even two jig fish in a row. I always have a jig and a jerkbait tied on year round. If the bass are not on the crawfish bite jig fishing can be very tough to get bit and it can be frustrating not getting bit, not covering water, and slowing down. I know in clear water fish will come up from the deep and slam a jerkbait from over 20' away. Somthing about the erratic action and twiching that drive the bass crazy. Over the last two years I have caught bigger fish and more numbers on jerkbaits than on a jig.
The first match of "BASS BAIT DEATH MATCH" has obviously lived up to the extensive media hype, providing us with a thrilling back and forth contest in which both baits at times enjoyed a comfortable lead, only to see thier opponent come roaring back with consecutive votes to sway the momentum. This was a fight to the finish, with the Jerkbait landing the decisive sudden-death overtime vote to claim victory.

Round 1 Match 1 victor: Jerkbait.

(Imagimary fireworks popping in the background)