The inaugural edition of BASS BAIT DEATH MATCH was one for the ages, with the Jerkbait making a final come from behind push to claim overtime victory over the Skirted Jig, the marked favorite according to Las Vegas bookings.

Round 1, Match 2 features another pair of up-and-coming contenders, and we can only hope that this match can live up to the precedent set by our first set of combatants.

In the corners for this match: Lipless Crankbait vs. Plastic Worm.

Image VS Image

ok, since I missed the last vote, Im gonna get on this one quick.

Plastic worm +1

I would have to say these type of baits are probly the most versatile of them all.
So many ways to rig, carolina,texas, split shot, drop shot, and more. Also you can even use them as trailers on spinner baits which works good for stripers in the delta.
From senkos to roboworms, I have caught more fish with plastics than any other bait.
But with as much love as I have for plastics, I still would have voted it out second to my go to bait , the JIG..... and I got to thanks Jerbs for that.

But dont get me wrong....
The lipless stlye crankbaits have some versatility too. Like a while back I watched a show where dude was pitchin' into trees on El salto (whatever the 1 in mexico) letting it flutter on slack line, then poppin it back up and down like a yo-yo. seemed to work well, but could have just been a gimmick to sell those aruka shads.
I actually have caught some nice fish with crank baits but after the catch, thought it was just luck and that I really didnt know what it was that made the fish strike and how to stay on that pattern.

NICE thing you got started Murf. I can tell you havent got out on the water much lately but your sure are thinking about it..... ME TOO.... ;)
Plastic worms very very versitile
Plastic worm +1
Even Im gonna get in on this this...
I have had all if not the most success on plastics period..
Although I do throw cranks , plastics are much more of a sure thing for me..

Plastics +2
(8-| I had to ponder this one all day because both are favorite baits and always tied on. Rattle traps served me well long before I learned to fish plastics. They are great locater baits and can be fished effectively from the bank and on the water in windy conditions when the drift is fast. Since bass are aggressive by nature I compare this bait to someone walking back and forth in front of your window with a boom box cranked up until you finally lash out. Last year I caught a 17.5 carp at Calero right in the corner of the mouth which was strange and a first. Not the target species but they are the sport fish of Europe. Favorite color is chrome and black or chrome and blue for stripers.

I have to agree that plastics catch more fish and are by the different rigging methods more versatile. In the beginning it takes awhile to get use to feeling for that tick tick tick but once you do WAHOO!! So my vote this round is for plastic worms.
worm. can't really beat a senko.

Rattle traps are the $hit for stripers though. 8-)

no probs rick...Jigs are #1 in my book. [green]
Definately plastic worms...I get more strikes and land more fish.
Plastics +1...

I do throw rattle traps and lv's....But have yet to experiance the HOOOPALA!!!!!....Only a couple fish landed on the traps....

So my vote goes for plastics!!!! They just produce more fish!!!!...

I found this one pretty easy and had to go with the plastics!!!! But I do have to agree for the stripers and rattle traps is a blast.
Cant go wrong with the Plastics. [8:)

Ahem.... I've never caught a fish on a lipless crank. [red]
No surprises here. Plastic worm scores the first shutout in SJB BASS BAIT DEATH MATCH history, cruising to a 12-0 victory.

For the record, I didn't include Senkos in the "plastic worm" catagory for this tourny. Guess I should have clarified that up front, but I'm pretty sure that the results would have been the same. On to the next match...