Despite some protest from a few SJB members who have never ventured in to the venue of hard baits, diving cranbait disciplined Creature in the previous round of BASS BAIT DEATH MATCH, 7-2.

On to the next Round 1 match...

Spinnerbait VS topwater popper

Image VS Image

For me the spinnerbait gets out of my tackle box far more often than the popper. In fact far more often than any of my other baits. The spinnerbait has also consistently caught more bass for me than any other, too. So one vote for the trusty spinnerbait!

Nice threads Murf!

I like the top water popper myself.
Its for more explosive and fun to catch fish on during the summer mornings and evenings..

Popper for me..
I am ging to have to go with the popper Love the top water bite
Great matchup, top water is the best but overall the versatility of the spinnerbait makes it suitable for all depths. This time of year I slow roll. Once the water warms try throwing your spinnerbait and as soon as it hits the water reel back fast enough so that the blades smack the surface a couple of times sort of like creating a wake then slow down to a moderate retrieve. This technique works best in low light conditions when bait is active. Had some great sucess in the warm summer months when fish just won't commit to the topwater.

Spinnerbaits +1
+1 popper...bloop, bloop. flush. [green] A spinnerbait is WAY more versatile, but poppers are so awesome to fish!

I have caught a fish on a spinnerbait, although I don't own a single one. [red] Something I want to learn on the delta this year, but will probably be too busy fishing jigs ;)
Spinnerbaits will catch bass anywhere, any time, any place.
This was one of those great match ups that I feared because both are tied on year round. Top water is definitely heart stopping but I cover more water and get more fish with a sb. Deep thoughts....rather be fishing (8-|

Great job Murf!!
Real tough match up this week. I love both baits and use them on a regular basis. Top water plug bite is amazingly off the hook! What was shown in the match up was a popper so I will have to act lick a bass and go for the sparkle of a spinnerbait. I can't help it, love them pretty flashes...catches bass all year long, a lot more productive for a year round bait choice, if I could only have one or the other. Mr Frog is still my favorite top water lure, but that was covered already!
Spinnerbait gets my vote this week!
What a great match. This is a hrad choice for me but I must go with the Top Water Popper. Spinner baits are a great bait and I must say I need to start using them more. For some reason I have ventured away from them, but I have started to get back into them again.
Of course ... DON'T forget how customizable a spinnerbait is! (I have money on the spinnerbait so I need to sway opinion :P)

spinner bait love it favorite bait and kvd is the best in the world and he always throws it.
Nothing like a topwater strike from stripers or largemouth. Popper +1