Match 7 features another round of competition between a proven big-bass catcher and a go-to numbers producer. Round 1, Match 7 combatants: Buzzbait VS Drop-shot

Image VS Image

Who's Your Daddy?!?!
It all depends on the lake and conditions im fishing in....But.....

Like I said last top water DEATHMATCH..... Nothing beats seeing a fat bass exploding ona TW Lure!!!!!.....

So once again Topwater Buzz Bait has my vote!!!!!.....

I do always carry a DS on Board no matter what though....So it does contend for the spot but I gotta go TW!!!!!...

Dirty D. +1
Drop shot +1.
Buzz baits +1
I hate fishing with a drop shot, but do it when I have to. I actually have a favorite finesse bait that I'll fish before the drop shot and it usually works. My Vote goes to the Buzzbait, I love the buzz bait and like Jr. said a top water blowup is like no other.
Wow. This time i look like an ignorant noob. North Eastern bass for some reason never seem to care too much for BB - I've only ever caught a pickerel on one and I've tried it all retrieval speeds, sixes, conditions you name it.
With drop shotting on the other hand, I have busted LMB and SMB from NY to Utah, so drop-shot for me.

I have to say... buzz baits are fun for explosive top water fishing, but...
when it comes to putting fish in the boat , The drop shot will do it for me...
But never knock the fun of any type of topwater action...
Drop Shot takes this one for me... Quantity over quality here ..
However there are chance for quality fish with a drop shot.

Drop shot
Buzzbait fersher
drop shot, here is a coyote drop shot special! ;)

CABassBuster21 wrote:
Looks like us Buzzbait guys are getting taken down. If my math is right it is 8-4 with the dropshot handing us a fat loss unless we get some help. Lets get some guys that use the buzzbait to add your vote. Come on guys. Anyone can catch a fish on the drop shot. I bet I can get a two year old to get one with it.

That's what makes it a winner. Any bait that can chase the skunk away has no childish aftertaste for me ... only the taste of a catch.

Even though i would rather fish Buzz Bait I have to go with numbers and say drop shot for sure