The SJBers have spoken, so on we go to round 2. Many a great bass bait have already been eliminated, so we now continue with the survivors of Round 1

Our first match of round 2 sees the winners of round 1, match 1 and 2 going head-to-head, a battle that will no doubt go down as one of the most tightly competitive rounds of SJB DM to date...

Round 2, Match 1 competitors are:

Jerkbait vs. Plastic Worm

Image VS Image

On your marks, get set, VOTE!
I am going with the plastic worm.
O love the Jerk bait, but I don't think any thing compares to the plastic worm. It an be fished so many different ways and thee are som many different ones. I have to go with the worm.
Worms...Dropshot, shakey head, texas & carolina rigged, etc.
Spring time is my absolute favorite time to throw rip/jerk baits but for year round numbers I've got to go with worms. I start with rip baits for the active fish but switch to worms when things get slow.
Good match up. Worms +1
worm,, i am currently stuck on reactions innovation's 6.9 inch flirt.
I got to go with worms............................ so many possibilities
Worms for me...
Plastics what work best for me.....
Plastics for me...shakey head!