BASS BAIT DEATH MATCH, Round 2 - Match 2

Now it starts to get interesting...

The next matchup features contenders each coming off of big wins in Round 1 against quality opponents. Each is fired up, and like so many matchups in BBDM, one of these two will be calling it a season and heading for the golf course far too early. For once, I'm glad I'm not voting.

The next battle features:

Senko vs. Frog

Image VS Image

Ludicrous Speed! GO!!!
I knew this match would come...I have been waiting for it!
Mr. Toad...My personal favorite bait to throw!
I got to give it up to the senko, sorry kermit.
But I wont stop throwing that frog
Oh My, what do we have here. Two of my favorite baits. If I had to choose one I think the senko would be it, but wait did you hear that strike king has a new bait called the ocho, same thing as a senko I believe. So can I give the frog the love? I don't know. I really love throwing the frog and I have even done it in Feb hoping for a big bite, but the senko has put so many fish and quality fish in my boat. I hate to do this but I think I have to go with the Senko. Sorry kermy R.I.P., but i'll still be using you very soon. The other issue here is if the fish misses my frog, I like to throw that senko right in there and catch that bastard. Talk about the one, two punch. Sucks to see them matched up so early. Long live both, but senko takes my vote.

i have had luck with da senko in the past but lately i caught a lot of nice frog fish.r.

Cant decide these are 2 great baits!!!!!!.....

Screw it I guesse I will go with...

Senko +1
Damn... I hate Match up...
I am a Senko Slinger all the way...
But man the frog is so explosive though....
And that is what I have caught my personal best on as well....

Can I just say "Draw"?

This one is the toughest match yet... why couldnt it have been the "Grand Finally".

Senko if my final answer.....
HEHEHE ... 7" pumpkin green , wacky or texas rigged...
Gotta get me the 8" ocho from Berkley though... WOW [8|]
This is what will put the fish in the boat...
Hey Mike...Mr. Toad whispered to me today on Calero. Believe I over heard... Traitor! You too RICK... :D :D :D :D :D
Senko +1 8-)
Senko wins, 9-4.
Senko baby! 8-)