Bass Boat Pedestal

I have 2000 Triton Bass Boat. I am looking for the Hydraulic Pedestal for my front deck. I have searched alot of places, but all i find is the Pin Lock pedestal which I have to replace the base as well. Currently mine is the screw in Pedestal. If you know any place that I might be able to find it, then I will be really appreciated for any info.

Boaters World in San Jose has a bunch of stuff there....They are going out of buisness and stuff is being marked down as we speak.....Might wanna go cruise by there and see what u can find.....Im sure u might get lucky there....

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Thanks JR. I'll definitely take look into that. I have been very hard time to find the new screw in pedestal. Most the one I found has different base, they are all clip in, mine is the actual screw in that needs couple turn to stick to the end.
You should check out and ask this question in the triton forum.
I think I kinda getting idea where to find now. thanks Jerb
Those dudes on that forum have a lot of info and are pretty cool. They've helped me diagnose engine problems in the past.
Did the warehouse have one in stock for you??
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Hey Bass_Fisherman. I have called the Fishmen Warehouse, they say they have in stock, so I plan to take a trip out there on thursday, hopefully I will find one that I need. Thank you very much for the INFO. REally appreciated :D