bass boat

Does anyone know if they have some kind of kit to transform an aluminum boat into a bass boat? Really need a boat and figured this would be the cheapest and a good starter too.
no kit you just need to get a boat, some wood and flooring and fab it up your self

I have an 12FT aluminum boat and trailer that I would be willing to part with for very cheep if your interested. Its an older one leaks a little but is good to go for local lakes and such.

Let me know!

Some pics of boats that have been changed over or fabricated to work like a bass boat

This is ghettobasser boat


and Rippin_Lips boat


i also have a boat for sale pm me i will give you a smokin deal its gota go---gb
yes ghettobasser's boat as you can see from the pic is ready to fish!!!
No work at all! Consider the cost of how much in wood and materials you would have to buy?
His boat is ready to go!!
Those boats are cool, you should take one off their hands for em...I know Rippin_lips can use the money really soon! Needs gas money to take me out fishin on his tracker. :D I have a 12 foot alum like that one and it is way cool for the small lakes. Mine has been converted too by Mr.Thomas, but I plan on re configuiring it, like Mike's. Send him a pm he still is sittin on them!
thanks bass_fisherman i hate to sell this boat but times are what they are and the boat has to go --but i built this boat 5 years ago from hydrogurrilla plans it small butt it is done right i wish i had built in a live well - but it was my first try --now i have a cobra and the upgrade is nice but learning boating in a small alum. pays off when you get your nice fiberglass upgrade ----right!!!!
also you can tow this boat with a honda acord its been done -=- you could tow it with a vw bug maybe even a motorcycle
Thanks guys, but money is a little tight here too. I barely still have a job. Im hoping by next year, I'll have more funds and a place to store a boat too. That would be the perfect starter boat though. At least I have a better idea now.
I'll ask around.
Hey Man PM with a price on those bad ass bass boats :) :) :D :D